Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday 3/9/10

School Discipline, Funeral Protesters, and 4-day School Week

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  1. I don't know if you are aware but a certain High School in the Wake County Public School System was doing a drug investigation recently. During this investigation they decided to have a police officer involved in the questioning. They broke school board policy so many times that I have stopped counting. Some students were found to be guilty but some who were not were punished as if they were and ordered into ACE programs or are to face explulsion. One child was accused of having a vial that "smelled like it either held marijuana or tobacco at one time" (but was empty) and was forced into ACE or faces explulsion. The students were interogated without being allowed to have their parents present even though police were present-a violation. When they asked to use the school phone to call their parents prior to the questioning but they were denied. When asked if they could use their cellphones to call their parents they were told cellphone usage was not permitted on school property. Some students were strip searched by an individual in private with no one else in the room to supervise. I have researched the policies and have those that have been violated. I firmly stand behind a zero tolerance policy but I also believe that administration must follow WCPSS Board Policy and notify parents prior to questioning when police officers are involved. When speaking with other parents I have found that this sort of think occurs every time one student is caught with an illegal substance. They start by questioning the females, threatening them with suspension, expulsion or arrest unless they cooperate and give names of other students who have been known to use drugs. You may want to discuss this as an innocent child is being punished based on an administrators "feeling". The child was not even arrested or named in the police report filed by the school.